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Vitamin D

VITAMIN D Are you getting enough sunshine? By: Elizabeth This post may contain affiliate links Did you know that an estimated 1  billion people in the world are deficient in Vitamin D? You would think that no one would be deficient in the sunshine vitamin. You don’t necessarily need to eat a healthy diet (although… Read More Vitamin D

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By: Elizabeth This post may contain affiliate links electromagnetic fields electro magnetic fields “Having worked at the National Academy of Sciences for 10 years I thought there could be no problem with wireless radiation. Because if there were, I would know about it and so would my colleagues. Well, I was completely wrong.” -Dr. Devra… Read More EMF

Our Crazy Life


Our Story ♥ By: Elizabeth ♥ Healthy Starts At Home.   Are you healthy? Are your kids healthy? Healthy doesn’t mean the absence of disease. And if you can’t say with true confidence that you are healthy, you’re probably not. If that last statement wasn’t news to you, and you’re already on a mission to… Read More Welcome!

Our Crazy Life

Chasing happiness

CHASING HAPPINESS By: Elizabeth This post may contain affiliate links Today was our first meeting in the process to get Chase enrolled in his special needs preschool. This is something I have been working on doing for over a year now and due to some life events, it has taken more time than I had hoped. So… Read More Chasing happiness

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Picky Eating

How to say goodbye to picky eating without the fight! By: Elizabeth ♥ Note: The method we used may not be appropriate for children with oral aversions or who may require feeding therapy. If your kiddo is anything like mine was meal time can be- challenging. There is nothing worse than trying to put a… Read More Picky Eating