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While there is a hint of controversy to all alternative health practices, ozone is particularly controversial. In light of the realization that this particular topic is clouded with controversy, I waited a bit longer to blog about our experiences (view my full disclaimer, here). Because of this, I will add some sources at the end of this article but will not fully site references. This is going to be cut and dry. When it comes to researching ozone, there is a LOT of information out there. I would strongly encourage you to do your own research on this topic.

We have been using our ozone machine for about a month. And let me just say, I’m impressed.

This thing is amazing with a wide array of uses. Anyone with the desire to detox their life or boost their health is fighting an uphill battle blindfolded with their hands tied behind their back without it. It’s as simple as that. But honestly, just about anyone would have a use for this machine.

Use ozone water to increase your health, boost your energy levels, detox, clean your home, remove pesticides like glyphosate and live a toxin free life

What is ozone?

You may recall hearing of ozone from elementary school science classes. It’s a gas made up of 3 oxygen molecules (O3) that naturally occurs in small amounts in our stratosphere. The ozone in the stratosphere protects the earth from harmful UV rays. I could talk more about what ozone is but it’ll probably be more interesting to hear about how it can help you.

Our environment has 50% less oxygen than it did 10,000 years ago. We are walking around in a chronically oxygen depleted environment. This lack of oxygen causes your body to be a perfect host to various viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites etc. These microbes steal our nutrients and dump off waste products which makes our blood thick(read about another way to reduce the viscosity of your blood here)

When our blood gets thick, it’s unable to transport nutrients effectively. All the body’s processes begin to slow down. Your energy levels, cognitive function, immune system and digestive system begin to function poorly.

Ozone has been used for medical treatments since the early 1900’s around the world. 


How does Ozone work?

Ozone has many different methods of action.

Ozone works as an oxidant. Now this may sound bad. Many people on a health journey are trying to stop oxidative stress, not cause it. But it isn’t. When you exercise you are causing oxidative stress. It’s a small amount, that allows the body to heal by activating it’s own antioxidant systems.

It is also an anti septic. Ozone is 1000x more powerful than chlorine. It is used in many municipal water treatment facilities for this reason. It is used commonly in other countries for ailments like lyme disease, HIV, epstein-barr and more. Due to its strong anti microbial properties, it is possible to experience a herxheimer reaction during treatment.

Ozone increases systemic oxygen levels. The increase in oxygen allows for increased blood flow and nutrient delivery. Similar to earthing, it can also increase mitochondrial function.

Use ozone water to increase your health, boost your energy levels, detox, clean your home, remove pesticides like glyphosate and live a toxin free life

Top 10 13 reasons everyone should have an ozone machine at home

  1. DETOXIFICATION – Ozone’s antimicrobial properties as well as its ability to break down things like pesticides make it an excellent detoxifier. 
  2. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – Ozone is able to oxidize the compounds that are causing inflammation. This works very quickly, unlike many herbs which are often used long term as anti-inflammatories.
  3. INCREASE OF ANTIOXIDANTS – Ozone is excellent at raising glutathione levels.
  4. ANTI AGING  Ozone can help slow the anti-aging process by increasing the production of telomerase which is responsible for keeping the telomere at the end of each DNA strand healthy.
  5. IMMUNE SYSTEM MODIFICATION – Ozone increases immune cells and allows for a properly functioning immune system.
  6. RESOLVE DENTAL ISSUES – If you have any dental issues, it’s time to start using some ozone! Ozone will kill the bacteria in those hard to reach places. Basically you’ll never have to worry about bad breath again and who doesn’t want that?
  7. INCREASE ATP PRODUCTION – Increased ozone amounts results in an increase in Red Blood Cell (RBC) ATP (energy). 
  8. INCREASED MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTION – Ozone has the ability to increase mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the power house of our cells and supply us with much needed energy. The more energy cells have, the more repair they can do.
  9. REMOVAL OF PESTICIDES FROM FOOD – Ozone water is great at breaking down pesticides off of food. Even organic food is tainted now as the most common pesticides are popping up rain water. Reduce your consumption of these by cleaning your food in ozone water before eating.
  10. CLEANING – Since ozone is such a strong anti microbial it makes a great cleaning agent. Best of all? In less than thirty minutes the ozone breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving your life toxin free!
  11. MOLD REMOVAL – Ozone kills mold spores. You can use it in the air (while you’re out of the house) to kill mold and other harmful undetected toxins that may be floating around. It also can be used on clothes with mildew. Put all the clothes in a trash bag, input your ozone tubing, tie the bag and let it run. FINALLY, that seemingly permanent mildew smell, gone. No more embarrassing, anxiety inducing surprises and silent prayers of “dear God please tell me that I am the only one that can smell this wretchedness” after having that oh-so-lovely mildew smell rear its ugly head the moment you break into a sweat.
  12. SMELL REMOVAL –  If you have young kids, you know how quickly smells can take over your house. Ozone almost instantly neutralizes them. Company (or in my case, ABA therapists) coming over and your kid has a blow out? Child on the spectrum with a smell aversion? Ten minutes of ozone and voila – gone! 
  13. FRESHER FOOD – If you’re anything like me, throwing away rotten produce happens far too often. Since ozone kills microbes, your produce lasts twice as long, sans preservatives. This benefit alone has already paid for my machine.

Use ozone water to increase your health, boost your energy levels, detox, clean your home, remove pesticides like glyphosate and live a toxin free life

Another benefit of ozone. Who doesn’t love keeping flowers fresh?

Is Ozone safe?

Okay, so now you know how ozone can help heal the body. Why is it then that it is being discussed as unsafe?

Ozone reacts with polyunsaturated fatty acids which are found in the lining of your lungs. There is a lot of science behind why this isn’t actually as dangerous as medical professionals had initially thought. However, the safest way to avoid this issue, is to be sure your house is opened up before using an ozone machine inside. Also, your body will warn you long before any damage could possibly occur in your lungs. If you start to cough, turn off the machine. That is your warning that your lungs are irritated.

When ozone is used properly, no toxic effects have been recorded in clinical use.

Side effects from over use of ozone are usually weakness or dizziness. These can be combated with taking antioxidants (Vitamin C in low doses).

Ozone does thin the blood slightly. For most people with chronic health issues, this is a good thing. However, it is something to be aware of when taking blood thinners, asprin or have a condition like hemophilia.

Always be sure to discuss any new treatments with your doctor before beginning.

Our experience with ozone water

Let me just say, I freaking love this stuff. The energy boost it gives you is amazing. The fact that this energy is coming from oxygen and not energy drinks or sugar filled, artificial color laden crap that is all over the market now is even better.

Within about 10 minutes of drinking a glass, I notice a strong energy surge. These energy benefits last several hours. It also helps alleviate my own brain fog.

In addition to drinking this water, I have actively been using it for cleaning. When you are trying to eliminate toxins in your household, you often look into making things homemade. While I have been doing this for the last year (when I have time) it’s exhausting. Serously, who has time to DIY all this stuff just to avoid additional toxins? I sure don’t. So this machine has been a Godsend. I use it to sanitize household items like tooth brushes (very important for PANDAS kids), pumice stones, mildew towels. I also use it to clean around the house.

When it comes down to it, my favorite use is cleaning produce. Using this takes concerns about things like listeria, E. coli, parasites etc. out of the equation.

It also is effective at removing both pesticides as well as wax residues on conventional produce. Did you know that most “waxy” produce is actually sprayed with a wax like resin to increase it’s shelf life? While the FDA says this residue is safe, let’s be real….. Needless to say, it’s not something I want to give to my kids. Also, with the fact that essentially all of our produce, even organic is now tainted with pesticides, this really helps to lower the levels. 

Use ozone water to increase your health, boost your energy levels, detox, clean your home, remove pesticides like glyphosate and live a toxin free life

Ozone and Autism

My son on the Autism Spectrum has also greatly benefited from drinking ozone water. He has mitochondrial issues and ozone has greatly improved them. When he drinks this he is able to walk significantly further than usual, climb stairs, play and just be a kid. I also notice a big increase in his cognitive function while drinking ozone. Since ozone thins blood (thick blood  is a common issue in ASD) it helps get more blood and oxygen into the brain. The increase in nutrient absorption allows supplements to get where they need to go.

Even though ozone is antimicrobial, these effects from drinking are nominal. If using ozone for this benefit alone, it would most likely be best to work with a practitioner for IV treatments. However, ozone does help oxygenate the body, which can help in the removal of anaerobic bacteria, parasites, viruses etc.

Due to ozone’s anti-inflammatory, blood hypo-coagulation, immune system modulation, and mitochondrial benefits, it makes sense that the ozone is helping my son. All of those issues are SO common in autism.

In addition , since ozone is a fantastic anti microbial, it is an easy way to keep your house free of toxins while cleaning. Everyone who is attempting to heal the underlying conditions with autism needs to keep a toxin free home. Ozone makes this simple.

I almost forgot about one of my favorite uses for ozone that also makes it a must when attempting to heal autism: pesticide removal. I have seen glyphosate test results being sky high on kids who have only eaten organic foods their entire lives. That’s freaking scary. Since ozone oxidizes the pesticides, it will help remove them from your organic fruit and vegetables. It will also kill any parasites on them. How cool is that?

This is the machine we use.

Use ozone water to increase your health, boost your energy levels, detox, clean your home, remove pesticides like glyphosate and live a toxin free life

Things to remember when using ozone

  • Only use Reverse Osmosis or bottled water when making ozone water(to drink).
  • Make ozone water in a stainless steel or glass container
  • Always open windows and have a fan running when using ozone. If you feel weak or cough, turn off the machine and leave the room (note: I have never experienced this with just opening windows)
  • Never inhale ozone directly from the source
  • Keep some vitamin C around, in case you accidentally ingest too much ozone.
  • For anything other than drinking water and cleaning you will need an oxygen fed ozone generator. Check out Paola’s blog for more info on this.
  • Don’t take antioxidants or probiotics within 3 hours of ozone treatment
  • Drink ozone on an empty stomach. Wait 3 hours after eating before drinking ozone water. Wait 15 minutes after drinking ozone water before eating.

As I said earlier in this post, I recommend discussing any potential treatment plans with your doctor. Ozone is not intended to treat or cure any diseases. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but that does not mean it will be for everyone.

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